Ordinary Heroes in Extraordinary Times: Amy Goodman, David Goodman and You


Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now! visits the Jamaica Plain Forum on Friday, May 16th at 7:00pmÂ

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This event is a Fundraiser for the Jamaica Plain Forum. Tickets are $5.00

Doors open at 6pm, event begins at 7pm. Seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis

Tickets are on sale at Rhythm and Muse (470 Center St. in Jamaica Plain). Any unsold tickets will be available at the door.  Cash or Check please!

Where are the millions marching in the streets to defend human rights, civil liberties, and racial justice? Where is the mass revulsion against the killing and torture being carried out in our name? Where are the environmentalists? Where is the peace movement?

The answer: They are everywhere.

The award-winning sister-brother team of Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now!, and investigative journalist David Goodman traveled the country to detail the ways in which grassroots activists have taken politics out of the hands of politicians. Standing Up to the Madness tells the stories of everyday citizens who have challenged the government and prevailed.

Standing up to the Maddness

Standing Up to the Madness not only is a timely, inspiring, and even revolutionary look at who wields the greatest power in America–everyday people who take a chance and stand up for what they believe in–but also offers advice on what you can do to help.

As the Bush administration has waged war abroad and at home, it has catalyzed a cast groundswell of political action. From African-American residents of deluged New Orleans who are fighting racism and City Hall to regain their homes; to four Connecticut librarians who refused to spy on their patrons, challenged the US PATRIOT Act, and won; to a group of high school students who were barred from performing a play they wrote in the Iraq War based on letters for soldiers; to the first U.S. Army officer to publicly refuse orders to deploy to Iraq, charging that his duty as an officer is to refuse to fight in an illegal and immoral war, Standing Up to the Madness profiles citizens rising to extraordinary challenges. And, in the process, they are changing the way that politics is done, both now and in the future.

In communities around the United States, courageous individuals have taken leaps of faith to stop the madness. They could only hope that if they led, others would follow. This is how movements are born. What begins as one, eventually becomes many. In that tradition, the authors have included the ways in which any individual can take action and effect change.

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