Common Security Clubs: Neighbors Coming Together to Prepare for Economic Change


Come learn about a mini-movement of “common security clubs,” people coming
together to increase their economic security. This J.P. Forum will be an
overview of how the clubs work ­and an opportunity to join one or help start
one in your neighborhood and community.

These are uncertain times. The economic crisis has reminded us of our
vulnerability: debt, foreclosure, job loss, evaporated savings. Instead of
facing these changes alone, we can come together and see the systemic forces
at work. We can create community security, and move toward larger action to
make permanent changes for our future.

Join us for an interactive evening presenting the Common Security Club, an
organizing approach that promotes learning, mutual aid and support, and
action in the face of the economic crisis. Through presentations,
discussions and activities we will learn something about the current
economic moment, realize that we are all in it together, and look at ways to
take action as a community.

For more information on the Common Security Clubs, visit the website

Many thanks to the cosponsors of this event:


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