REDUCE: Abundance in a time of dwindling resources

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We all know many of the conventional tips for reducing our use of resources, but what happens when people brainstorm their ideas about for taking it further? How can we use less gasoline every time we drive? Use the same water multiple times? Keep appliances from using power when they pretend to be off but aren’t? Stop using plastic wrap and aluminum foil, plastic garbage bags, bottles of shampoo, restaurant take-out containers and Post-It Notes? Maybe even paper towels? Tissues? Can we stop buying paper?

Guiding the conversation will be JP residents Bill Perkins and Marcia Peters.  Marcia has been doing her best at reducing her waste for years (she and her husband throw away about ½ of a paper bag of trash per week), and she loves to learn tips from others.  Bill is an avid reducer, regularly sets up the recycling programs for JP’s community festivals, and has an excellent technical understanding of how and why we must use less.  Bill now operates the Dorchester-based Boston ReStore, a non-profit dedicated to redirecting donated office furniture to schools and non-profits.

Please come learn and share your own ideas about how to live with abundance in a time of dwindling resources.

And, in order to better understand the waste stream, we will begin the evening with the nationally acclaimed mini-film, “The Story of Stuff” (20 mins).

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