Michael Blanding, “The Coke Machine: The Dirty Truth Behind the World’s Favorite Soft Drink.”

Come celebrate the publication of J.P. journalist Michael Blanding’s new book, “The Coke Machine: The Dirty Truth Behind the World’s Favorite Soft Drink.” The Coke Machine takes readers deep inside the Coca-Cola Company and its international franchises to reveal how they became the number one brand in the world, and just how far they’ll go to stay there. Visit www.thecokemachine.com or www.facebook.com/thecokemachine to learn more!


“Every company has a dark side, and you won’t believe how dark Coca-Cola’s is. After reading this book, good luck having a Coke and smile.”–Morgan Spurlock, director of Supersize Me

“In The Coke Machine, Michael Blanding takes a tough, unsweetened look at the business practices of this iconic American company.  His investigations reveal the costs—in ethics, health, public resources, and sometimes even human life—of Coca-Cola’s relentless pressure to expand sales of its products.  This book is a terrific introduction to the inner workings of corporate capitalism as it plays out on a global scale”—Marion Nestle, author of Food Politics and What to Eat

“Coca-Cola wants to teach the world to sing, but in the process they’ve trashed water supplies, peddled sugar to generations of kids, and undermined workers’ rights around the world. Put down your soda, read The Coke Machine, and join the global movement to rein in unaccountable corporations.”—Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Bright-Sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America

About the Author:

Michael Blanding is an award-winning magazine writer whose investigative journalism has taken him around the world. Based in Boston, he has written for The Nation, The New Republic, salon.com, The Boston Globe, Condé Nast Traveler, and Boston magazine, where he is a contributing editor.

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