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The Jamaica Plain Forum is officially on youtube! You can catch up now on our most recent community conversations through the platform.

Our recent videos include:

    • A Human Rights Crisis: How the US Fuels Honduran Migration
      May 7th, 2019
      Rosa Nelly Santos Navarro is the President and Coordinator of the Committee of the Families of Disappeared Migrants of Progreso. COFAMIPRO began in 1999 out of the radio program “Sin Fronteras” or “Without Borders” transmitted by Radio Progreso and formed into an organization to search for the loved ones of Hondurans that disappeared on the migrant trail to the United States. Today, COFAMIPRO brings attention to the human rights violations committed against migrants, push factors that force migrants to flee their homes and calls for governments to take responsibility. Committed to the work of advocating for the rights of migrants, Rosa Nelly has traveled around the world, sharing the story of Honduran migrants and their families. 
    • Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley & Rev. Mariama White-Hammond: Green New Deal Town Hall
      April 20th, 2019
      A historic discussion between Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley and activist and organizer, Rev. Mariama White-Hammond about the Green New Deal. The ecological and economic justice challenges of our time require all of us to work for an equitable, healthy and livable planet for all. Responding to our environmental crisis must be done in a way that bridges Boston’s racial divide. A just and sustainable transition must follow the leadership of women of color who have helped move forward many critical issues in our current political environment. We will discuss the challenges of working for a just transition that includes how we build an equitable economy that lifts people out of poverty and also lives within the ecological boundaries of the earth. 
    • Inequality & Our Well-Being: Richard Wilkinson & Kate Pickett
      January 23rd, 2019
      Globally recognized UK health leaders Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett will be speaking at the JP Forum about their new book, THE INNER LEVEL: How More Equal Societies Reduce Stress, Restore Sanity and Improve Everyone’s Well-Being. In 2009, Wilkinson and Picket revolutionized our understanding of economic inequality with their globally-recognized book, THE SPIRIT LEVEL: Why Equality is Better for Everyone.  They are coming to Jamaica Plain on their U.S. book tour for The Inner Level.

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