Time Exchange Potluck and Welcome Session

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Time Trade FaireDo you have a home improvement project hanging over your head? Do you need a babysitter? Do you enjoy cooking or gardening? Are you short on cash but not on time? Want to share your skills and help build an alternative economy while connecting with your neighbors?

If so, you’re in luck! You can join JP’s new Time Exchange! Membership is open to all – you don’t need to live in JP.

Lessons from the Cuban Energy Revolution

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Mario, Cuba’s leading Energy Efficiency and Renewables Educator, emphasized the scientific nature of his US speaking tour before alluding to the immense potential for growth in both the US and Cuba as a result of new diplomatic openings. Candidly, he questioned why everyone is so curious about what is going to happen to Cuba and less so about how these changes are going to affect the United States. “Both countries have a lot to learn from each other,” he reassured the audience.