Sustainable is Possible: Lessons from Dancing Rabbit EcoVillage

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“Sustainable is Possible” shows how Dancing Rabbit residents are living rich, full lives using only 10% of the resources of the average American. It includes a new section about climate disruption and the choices we can make to respond to this most pressing of environmental and social problems. Please join us!

Lessons from the Cuban Energy Revolution

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Mario, Cuba’s leading Energy Efficiency and Renewables Educator, emphasized the scientific nature of his US speaking tour before alluding to the immense potential for growth in both the US and Cuba as a result of new diplomatic openings. Candidly, he questioned why everyone is so curious about what is going to happen to Cuba and less so about how these changes are going to affect the United States. “Both countries have a lot to learn from each other,” he reassured the audience.

Should the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant Close?

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Thirty-five miles away from Jamaica Plain sits Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth, the only operating nuclear power plant in Massachusetts, built in 1972. Operated by the Louisiana-based Energy Corporation, the Pilgrim plant is the same design (General Electric Mark 1) as the power plants that melted down in Fukushima, Japan. Should this plant continue to operate?