Housing Justice and Racial Inequality in Jamaica Plain

The 5th annual State of Our Neighborhood, organized by JPNET, JPNDC, SJPHC, ESMS, JP Forum and numerous neighborhood organizational co-sponsors was held on Febuary 26th. Over three hundred people came together to discuss housing justice issues within Jamaica Plain and Boston. The audience heard from several local officials as they committed to promote just-cause evictions, secure more affordable housing and fight for livable wages.

Time Exchange Potluck and Welcome Session

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Time Trade FaireDo you have a home improvement project hanging over your head? Do you need a babysitter? Do you enjoy cooking or gardening? Are you short on cash but not on time? Want to share your skills and help build an alternative economy while connecting with your neighbors?

If so, you’re in luck! You can join JP’s new Time Exchange! Membership is open to all – you don’t need to live in JP.

JP Time Exchange Launches

In a Time Exchange, members share skills and provide services for each other in exchange for time. These services range from, but are not limited to cooking, gardening, carpentry, pet care, and much more. When you provide an hour of service, you are credited with one “Time Hour” in your online account. You can use that Hour for services you need or want, that other members are offering.