State of Our Neighborhood 2015: Snowy!

Snowmen for saleIf you haven’t bought yours already this season, the Jamaica Plain Forum and JP New Economy Transition are selling unassembled snowmen complete with button eyes and carrot noses … Just kidding …

We hope you are all staying warm out there. If you need help shoveling, let us know by replying to this email and we will post your information on our social media. Now is the time for neighbors to come together.

Speaking of coming together, for each of the past four years, over 350 neighbors have come together at the annual State of Our Neighborhood forum, a community conversation about JP today and the neighborhood we envision in the future. Join us again this year on February 26th at 6pm, to lift your spirits out of the winter blues, as we gather together for this meaningful conversation.

Come participate and show your support for policies that advance racial equity through housing justice. Help us strengthen grassroots democratic processes in Jamaica Plain and Boston.

P.S. Check out our op-ed in the JP Gazette if you missed it.

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