Pam McMichael

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pam_mcmichael (highland)_croppedIn 2012, the JP Forum celebrated 80 years of progressive organizing with the Highlander Center. We were joined by Civil Rights leader Hollis Watkins and Highlander Center Director Pam McMichael. The Highlander Center was training ground for many of the social change movements of the 20th century, including for Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Pam McMichael, Director of the Highlander Center, first becoming associated with Highlander as a long-time activist and organizer in Louisville, Kentucky. For decades now, Pam’s organizing and cultural work have connected people and issues across divides of race, class, gender and sexuality with focus on helping build a strong racially just movement. She has co-founded local, state and regional organizations with this core strategy, and was a national fellow with a Rockefeller Foundation leadership project to address the growing crisis in U.S. democracy.